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    hi there guys, didnt find any thread about it, maybe is there but cant find the exact info. Im sending my almost new (4 days) Note 4 for replacement due the bad camera focus issue. I will get a brand new Note with exact the same options and version (SM-S910A). I did the back up in Kies but dont know if i connect the new one on Kies will allow me to copy exactly the same setup and custom information that i have now.

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    07-27-2015 10:20 PM
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    Back the apps up with App Backup & Restore.

    Back up the data with Helium. (If the phone's not rooted, you have to connect the phone to a computer and download a little file they give you the link to, to tell the pp to run.)

    Copy both the AB&R folder and the carbon folder (that's Helium) to your computer.

    When you get the new phone, you can just copy the folders to it, find AB&R in its folder (let it back itself up when you're making the backup) using My Files, tap it and it'll install. Then you can use it to restore everything else.

    Then run Helium, go to the restore tab, choose the data for the apps you want restored and let it run.

    See Backing up an Android Device for SMS, pictures, etc.
    07-28-2015 04:32 PM
  3. f5air's Avatar
    does kies let you make a back up from a note 4 and put in another one?.
    07-30-2015 10:27 PM

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