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    I seem to be having an issue that is unique related to shooting video. Like most N4 users, I have the camera focus issue. I am trying to figure out how to solve that (believe me, I've tried ALL of the suggestions in the forums including removing the plastic from the lense and smacking the phone on my palm).

    The camera focus issue doesn't happen all the time. When the camera is working fine, I still have problems with video. When I have the (stock) camera app open, I switch to the video camera. The screen immediately blurs and it's impossible to take clear video. If the camera IS having problems and I switch, the bad focus immediately becomes even worse. It won't even focus on something 1", 2" or 4" away. The camera stays out of focus even after I stop the video recording and doesn't reset until I close and reopen the app.

    I've tried resetting the camera, changing the video resolution, using other apps (JB+, ABC, Camera KK), changing environments (indoors, outdoors, bright light, low light, etc) and nothing seems to work.

    I'm using a Verizon N4 with KitKat 4.4, not rooted. Bought the phone in March and it's always been this way (yeah....I know.....should have returned it right away).

    Anyone have any ideas?
    07-29-2015 05:12 PM

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