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    Today I was around water and dropped my phone Galaxy Note 4 into a puddle. The way it landed, only the bottom inch or so was in the water and it was still working. freaked out and removed my case and tried to get the water out. Within 5 minutes, the screen stopped working. All black, still responded to touch though and the phone still turned out because I could access the files from my computer and felt vibration when i went to turn it on. Capacitive button work too. But, when i went to open the back, neither water damage indicators, the one on the battery or the one where the battery goes, went off, because the water didnt go that high into the phone. So I have a water damaged phone with no obvious evidence of water damage. I got the phone a week ago so do you think I could play it off as a manufacturer defect and have it replaced under warranty? I have bricked phones before from rooting and flashing and have had them replaced no problem under warranty. Think i could do the same for this one? fraud, yes, but i can't afford the new phone.

    08-06-2015 07:54 AM

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