1. AC Question's Avatar
    Had the phone a week (replacement for a damaged note 4) no new apps that were not on the old phone.
    08-07-2015 05:30 AM
  2. Brian Clements's Avatar
    I have this issue with all of my email apps at times, stock email, outlook, and Gmail. I have no idea what causes it typically I will own try removing the app from recent apps and reopening if that doesn't work sometimes I restart the device typically I'm not looking for important emails when this occurs so I have not had an issue where it was absolutely necessary to have it corrected immediately so I haven't paid that much attention to it honestly
    08-09-2015 01:29 AM
  3. barrettdaniel's Avatar
    Yeah I've had this happen. Close the app and reopen usually works
    08-09-2015 08:53 PM

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