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    hello ,first sorry for my bad english im from germany , ok lets start with my problem , i buyed a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model: SM-N910F SSN: N910FGSMH since last week , and i love the smartphone since today:

    so i put my phone on charge , went out with friends , camed back and Just saw , that my mobile loading forever and went a bit warmer than normal , it stucks at the second Samsung LOGO Boot , the Animated one , where little points/balls / blue color flying around the Samsung .

    so i unpluged the charge and tried to restart/rebot with the normal Power Button , doenst helped , still on the Samsung Logo without any reaction , so i put the batery out and it went off of course . now i put the batery back and i was hoping it rebot normal now , maybe it was a little bug i was thinking , and what happen ? of course it stuck again on the second Samsung Logo / animated one) i went to youtube and try to find helps , on alot forums in google to , i downloaded the orginal STOCK FIRMWARES of my MODEL , and installed it with ODIN 3 , i t installed succesfully but still stuck at second Samsung Logo , so i tried to go to recovery mode , i did this and did wipe data factory reset , and wipe chache partiition to , still stuck on second Samsung Logo , so i tried just to wait more hours , i waited like 2 Hours and still stuck without any reaction . tried pressing all buttons , it restart but still stuck second samsung logo , its so annoying .

    Pls anyone can help me ? what can i do , i tried evrything , worked like 9 hours on it no help , no reaction , nothing , i watched more then 30 youtube tutorials , watched so many forums , no help founded , pls help ! this smartphone was to expensive ...

    08-09-2015 05:56 PM
  2. edepot's Avatar
    probably the internal flash is bad
    08-09-2015 08:30 PM

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