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    All of a sudden, AT&T is forcing me to update after 11 PM at night, sometimes at 2 AM, interrupting my sleep applications. And waking me up! It will postpone for a few hours and interrupt again. I want to stop this from happening. PLEASE HELP.

    I got three hours sleep last night, fighting off this annoyance through the night into a Sunday morning.

    Why are they doing this? AND CAN I TURN THIS OFF!?? (Without turning the phone off.)

    This only started recently. I have it on all night for sleep apps.

    I want to CHOOSE when to update. Please just notify and GO AWAY. Not "postpone" every few hours throughout the night, turning off my Bluetooth devices, my sleep sounds, and even my sleep tracker.

    My question? Can I stop them doing this late at night? PLEASE!!!! Is there a way to just TURN THIS OFF??!!!! Completely OFF! (Without having to turn my phone off!)

    I am getting a watch and this will turn off the Bluetooth for that as well. (I know because it turns off my speaker.) I want them to STOP IT and just give a notice that an update is available. AND THAT'S ALL.

    Is this a Samsung thing? Or is it an AT&T app? I am on Lollipop 5.0.1. GN4. Touch Wiz. Not rooted. This the second time this has happened in the last couple months for incremental and relatively small updates and I want to stop this and update when I feel like it. And without them stopping the running apps on my phone throughout the night!

    Many thanks for any help to turn this off.

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    08-09-2015 09:53 PM
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    Go into Settings (it looks like a Gear icon).
    Then scroll down all the way to "About device" and click on it.
    Then click Software updates
    Then make sure Auto update is NOT CHECKED.
    Also, make sure Wi-Fi only is CHECKED
    08-09-2015 10:09 PM
  3. rjm_robin's Avatar
    There's no option for that. You just can check for updates. And then it says yes or no.

    And it did override the WiFi being off. And basically just shut down everything except the update screen, which, in the middle of the night, you could "postpone" for a few hours.

    It's horrible because these sleep apps are really helpful to me. I have serious problems sleeping and these apps help. But this just wiped me out. I mean, *physically* because I happen to have a fever and needed very much to sleep.

    Just a horrible thing to take over your phone like that! It's mine; I bought it - it's not on "Next" or whatever rental thing. It's mine forever. I just pay my mobile contract.

    Sorry if I sound overwrought, but it was a bad day.

    Thanks in any case.


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    08-10-2015 12:40 AM

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