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    Hi guys and thanks for taking the time to read,

    So here's the entire story from the ground up. I bought a Galaxy note 4 this past Friday from this guy off Craigslist. Checked the phone out everything seemed legit for the most part. Few days down the line I notice when connected to wi-fi or the internet, it was always weirdly slow, no matter the kind of network im on. It was slower than my note 2!

    So after some intensive research online due to fact of extreme sketchiness, i discovered my note 4 is not genuine! YAY!!!!! How did i know? I checked a few videos out and read some more articles and made comparisons with the real version and my "version". Has custom build I9228 and the baseband version has MOLY infront of it with sets of letters and numbers separated by periods.

    This brings me to the point of why I am posting. I then decided to factory reset my phone, then more weird happens. On the second screen it displays this weird android bot on top of a car that just kept repeatedly opening up and closing. (Another thing I noticed reading the articles and videos that if it is anything other than samsung galaxy note 4 and then underneath powered by android, it's fake)

    Now on the bootup when the guy showed me, it loaded up fine except it took a few seconds and I was initially sketched out by it but thought I was being paranoid at the time. So the problem now is that it's not connecting to my network provider, which is t-mobile. It initially boots up saying "searching for new service" then after a minute or two displays "Emergency calls only". Tried making phone calls , connecting to the internet via mobile data and to my luck does not work! Wifi works fine and connects, but when I go to google it displays some oriental hieroglyphics so it was safe to assume my phone was definitely not legit. I also then realized it loaded as google.cn. Why do you do this China?

    To add onto all of this, my phone keeps displaying this menu screen called "No service" and says

    " Currently, there's no service from the selected operator. We recommend that you
    use the "Select automatically", or you can manually select another operator. "

    So with the novel I just wrote which I'm sorry about, can anyone help me get it running to how it was a few days ago?
    08-10-2015 07:00 PM

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