1. agaskew's Avatar
    I've had the Note 4 for several weeks now, its my forst Android phone, and quite honestly, it is a bit of a disappointment so far.
    The hardware itself feels great and shouts 'premium', the screen is really great and then S Pen is actually useable. The camera is also brilliant.

    • The battery life isn't bad but it should be better. If I use the device for an hour, the battery gets absolutely hammered. Why do I have to resort to Power Saving mode or switch off features, to get through the day?
    • Performance, for this class of processor and RAM, is just not as good as it should be. Lags are really unacceptable with 3Gb Ram and a quad core.
    • The default mail client is awful, it simply stopped synching Exchange emails for 24 hours for no reason I could figure out. I deleted my Exchange account, re added it, checked the synch settings, max size etc etc. But it just stayed broke.
    • The phone dialler - wot no touch tones? Really? On a phone? And I add favourites to the Phone/People screen, but I have multiple contact entries for the same people (Outlook, FB, Twitter etc)and I can't see which one I added easily, ie the correct one that has the right phone number against it. Contact entries have photos against people but the Favourites screen doesnt show the pictures....?
    • I press the unlock button, and get a whopping TWO seconds to swipe, or it goes off again. Sorry, not long enough for this old geezer.
    • Notifications - these are all over the place. The thing makes so many different ching-pop-bong-whizz noises but itstoo hard to find out where to change these.
    • Some screens have Back <- arrows, others don't.
    • I cannot play any cipls off the BBC news site using the BBC Media Player. Not One.
    • Car Mode - apart from the fact that the voice sounds like it came from a 1980s Speak'n'Spell, there is NO way to get out of car mode once you're in it, even parking the car and wandering off has no effect. i have to reboot the whole device.
    • Nothing on the screen once its locked and off - I mean I may get a tinkly noise from a new email, the light blinks but that's all - shouldn't I be able to get a visual screen notification for these sorts of things, like a banner or something?
    • Sometimes when I unlock the phone with fingerprint swipe, the phone unlocks then just launches some random app, eg the Weather or the phone.

    That's just the stuff I can remember. I had already ditched the dreaded iOS as I found it went straight downhill from iOS7 onwards. I then spent a very entertaining year using a Lumia which, though limited in some areas, did the basics very well. I've still got my Lumia 640 here - 2 days battery life easily, problem-free email and lousy browser all in a measly 1Gb RAM. Tempted to resurrected it and sell off this 'Flagship' device!
    08-11-2015 12:05 PM
  2. LegalAmerican's Avatar
    Most of the problems you've listed, i've had as well and no updates or factory resets have fixed them. The lag on mine has been very rough and surprisingly terrible. I dislike the fingerprint scanner software/hardware, I hate the default mail client (way too easy to download a new one though so that's a non-issue for me), and I also think the battery life should be much better. I'm very lucky if I get 4.5 hours of screen on time. Which compared to a normal smartphone, is pretty dang good but not for the Note 4.

    The other things you mentioned I either have no experience with (the BBC app), or I think there are super simple fixes (notifications). I'm sorry to hear you do not enjoy the device however. Best of luck in your next move.
    08-11-2015 01:00 PM
  3. Paradroid01's Avatar
    Apart from the lags (multitasking, camera-gallery) and Lolliflop itself I'm feeling it. A little bit too big for one hand usage, though. 😉
    Edit: Forgot about the GPS hardware issue. This is also kinda annoying.
    08-11-2015 01:35 PM

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