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    Hi All. I've got a N4 still on Sprint on 5.0.1. Both my device storage as well as my 64 gig SD card are essentially completely full of pics and videos I've taken. My problem is that Google Photos has been offering to "Free Up Space" by deleting all photos that have been backed up to the cloud. I say YES, and then it starts deleting, then it says it's finished. Here's the weird part: (1) When it's finished, it says something like only 3.4 Gigs have been freed up (lately it's been just a few megs), but I know I've got WAY more than that on my phone storage as well as on my SD card. (2) It doesn't actually free up much, if any, space at all. Like, a day later it's telling me I'm almost full and need to delete more backed up photos.

    Could this be due to the N4's native Samsung Gallery not "allowing" the photos to be deleted? Idk.

    Also, does anyone know if GPhotos is trying to free up space on both the device storage as well as my SD card, or just one of the two?
    08-14-2015 10:40 AM
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    So now I've cleared app data and and re-initiated GPhotos. It seems to be stuck on "backing up 1 of 2223". I'm plugged in and charging, my wifi connection is excellent, but it just isn't playing nice. The think is, I'm thinking most, if not all of these photos are already backed up. I really just want the "Free Up Space" part of this to work. Thanks in advance for any input.
    08-14-2015 11:34 AM

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