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    I had to go to AT&T for a new Sim today and while there I was looking at all the phones while waiting for a tech guy to also check my battery on my Note 4. I browsed over what's there, I can tell the LG 4 is too small, not impressed by the S6, stopped and actually liked the size and sound of the Nexus 6 after playing a bit, then finally found the Note 5 and briefly listened to it and held it.

    First, I hate the glass back and the feel of the phone. No grip whatsoever. Something I'd surely drop if not enclosed by a case (but most likely would be). It didn't feel slimmer to me, actually felt cheaper to me, just my opinion. The build is what I mean by the last comment. The Screen looked nice like the Note 4. It sounded good when I played some youtube music on it, once again Briefly. I wanted to see the SPen, but none on Display with it, so a no go there. Really, didn't change my initial impressions from seeing the review of final specs. It's just a little beefed up Note 4. Once again, my opinion.

    Now, I did BRIEFLY play with it, so that isn't much of an impression to go by. I would have to go to Best Buy some time and really play with it in the future. I'm not looking to upgrade, nor do I care for the beefed up price either. My note 4 I hope lasts a long time. While there though, as I said, I listened to music and played a bit on a Nexus 6. I've never been a Nexus guy, not sure I would enjoy totally vanilla Android, but the phone it's self was nice. I liked the different button position of the sound and power buttons. I too often find I grab my phone in the pocket and turn the volume down to nothing, but just habit. The size was great. It would be hard for me to deal with no Stylus. I've become dependent on the S Pen, as I suck at typing on the onscreen keyboard even with the Swype option and Swiftkey Keyboard. So I like being able to write notes and stuff.

    Later tonight, I was called from an AT&T tech rep regarding some dropped call issues I've had as of the last few weeks and he upgraded from the Note 4 t0 N5 and he's loving it. He told me about the SPen having the popout feature at the top, a clicking mecnanism or something, he likes no lag (I've really never noticed anything I'd call lag on my Note 4), how fast it is, and a few other points. I told him, I wasn't that impressed and either was he at first, but he's glad he did it. That said, If I had the money and I'm a techie guy too, I love android phones and tablets and the NEW stuff that comes out, just content with my phone for once and in no hurry to move on to the next newest greatest like I use to be. It still interests me, just no worth the upgrade in my opinion. Especially at the higher price. So I wished him luck with it, as I do all you guys who jump on the Note 5. I"m sure it's a good phone, I'm just not that impressed with what I saw, the changes, and this one at least is not for me. So just wanted to share. I am hoping the rumors someone mentioned on here about an LG phone coming out with a Stylus are true in the future, because I did look it up and it seems like it might happen, but I definitely see what they come out with to rival the Notes and if at a lower price, hmmmmmmm.............? But that's another thread. LOL. Just thought I'd share.
    08-27-2015 12:18 AM
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    he likes no lag (I've really never noticed anything I'd call lag on my Note 4)
    Never noticed any on my Note 3 either, and I don't want a phone without a removable battery and no SD card slot.
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    08-27-2015 12:53 AM
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    Yeah, you know what you mentioned are "the Changes" I referred to above, but also the slick back sucks. I mean, at least on the note 3 & 4 you have the fake leather back, which is easy to hold. I had a Note 3 about 8 months, but I had to have the Note 4 for the improved screen and the fact that I couldn't get Google Wallet to work on my Note 3, so was P.O.d about that. I use Nova all the time, so I've never seen lag. The biggest thing to me was, I love this NEW tech stuff, but it really didn't impress me the short time I spent with it. I have to spend time on it at BB and get if it's worth the extra money they are asking. I think not, but I do like to play with devices. LOL. I'm sure you can relate.

    I tell you though, I've been researching some reviews on the Nexus 6, that really stuck out to me. The size is great, just don't think I could deal without the stylus. That's one thing I'll have a hard time ever giving up.
    08-27-2015 01:48 AM
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    My Note 4 is such a good phone. I too don't see any lag whatsoever.

    I played with the Note 5 (in Costco), but truthfully, there's nothing outstanding about it that excites me. I don't understand people going from a Note 4 to a Note 5. The "upgrade" seems more like a "downgrade" given what they removed/disabled/eliminated from the Note 4. I outlined a few things HERE in another thread. I want to like it because I wanted to get it for my sister, but I just don't. Also, Samsung has simply disappointed me with this "try a Note 5 or S6 for a $1" promotion. Stooping low, Samsung! Sad and desperate! Samsung looks terrible in my eyes right now.

    Oh well, what's in store next year for our illustrious Note?!!!
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    08-27-2015 02:12 AM
  5. Gunny94's Avatar
    To be honest,

    At the end of the day it depends on what you want. Look, if you're a ROM fan the Note 5 won't do you any good because of the closed development doors with the Exynos.

    If you are a power user and hate power banks but like to switch batteries, the Note 5 won't be on top of your list (sure the overall battery is good, but we all know how it really is with bloatware and real life situations)

    Again, if you're someone who avoids cloud services and wants to have everything on Storage, no SD Card support available due to LPDDR4.

    However in terms of spec sheet, of course the Note 5 will be much better. The S-Pen on Note 5 has grabbing issues and the whole Pengate doesn't help either to convince a heavy Note 4 user to switch.

    At the end of the day it depends on what type of user you are, and if you're up to sacrifice certain features that made the Note what it is today.
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    08-27-2015 05:16 AM

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