1. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    So after upgrading to the note 5. I gave my wife my note 4 never had a problem with the phone and now it won't turn on or charge. She told me she let it die to 0% I never did that to a ohone before and now she did. Is it the batter the phone power on button. The note 4 is a piece of yall know what. 1 year old phone and battery or power button is done so pissed right now
    08-27-2015 11:39 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's probably the battery. See if there's a local shop that can measure the battery, and that has an external charger. I've brought batteries back from about 2.5 Volts (which, if you follow the calibration graph, is about "-200%"). If not, a Note 4 battery is under $15 at Amazon (Anker is a good brand).

    And try to never let the battery get below 40% if you want it to last.
    08-27-2015 11:53 PM
  3. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    Thanks believe me I never have but this battery is bulky and looks like its dead
    08-28-2015 12:18 AM
  4. nahoku's Avatar
    Hey Oscar.... You're not supposed to post here. I remember you posted this... My final post to the Galaxy Note 4 forum

    Honestly... I'm just kidding around!

    Bummers about the battery. At least you can remove and replace it easily enough!
    08-28-2015 01:46 AM
  5. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    Thanx lol and funny lol i bought another battery on amazon. Saw a couple videos saying hit the power button and Just went witha battery if its not that then hopefully its something i can fix
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    08-28-2015 07:49 AM
  6. z06mike's Avatar
    You say the battery looks bulky?? Put it on a flat surface and try to spin it. If it goes like a merry go round it's definitely a bad battery. Also don't worry about draining your battery past 40% as it won't do any harm.

    Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    08-28-2015 07:53 AM
  7. nahoku's Avatar
    Thanx lol and funny lol
    Glad you're keeping your sense of humor! Good luck with the battery. I hope it fixes the phone.
    08-28-2015 07:54 AM
  8. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    yea its a bad battery its bulky and you can see it right of the bat. I did do the spin test and its spinning like rims lol. Thanx for the heads up.
    08-28-2015 08:02 AM
  9. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    heres to hoping I hope its the battery or else I'll have to explain to my wife why her Note 4 is dead lol
    08-28-2015 08:03 AM
  10. nahoku's Avatar
    My brother's Moto (imbedded battery) was swollen too, and he didn't even notice it until the screen got "lumpy". He had it in a Defender case. It was a dangerous situation because he was still charging it daily. Could have caught fire.
    08-28-2015 06:33 PM
  11. toenail_flicker's Avatar
    yea its a bad battery its bulky and you can see it right of the bat. I did do the spin test and its spinning like rims lol. Thanx for the heads up.
    It's the battery, I'm almost positive. I had a problem with my Note 3 battery. Phone started rebooting continuously for no reason. Pulled the back to check things out, pulled the battery and put it back in, couldn't get the cover back on. Bad bulging on the battery. New battery made all things right again. If wife uses an extSD it may be toast, too. Mine was.
    08-28-2015 08:29 PM
  12. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    It was the battery wooooohoooooo got the new battery in the mail today and worked like a charm can't believe it was that simple. I'll order another one so my wife doesnt have this problem again thanx to everyone who gave me advice and love live the Note 4
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    08-29-2015 10:56 AM
  13. toenail_flicker's Avatar
    That's good news! This is a good example though why I refuse to consider a phone with a sealed/embedded battery (like the Note 5) where if that happens your only recourse is to find a local repair shop capable of replacing the battery or having to send it off to Samsung. Not fun!
    Yes! And when I made the exact same statement I was not treated well.
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    08-29-2015 07:37 PM

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