1. tailspao's Avatar
    I'm enjoying my note 4 then suddenly my Note 4 stopped recognizing sd card I was hoping that it was the sd card's issue, but it seems like the Sd card slot is the problem, I tried other sd cards available, and tried it on my computer, and it still works it is on ntfs format, problem is the note 4 itself in its SD card slot when I check the sd card slot the gold looking metal wires looks like its missing one piece of the small
    metallic gold thing I don't know what that things called, but I think it loss one piece I think that might be the culprit I saw my brother with a needle he touched my phone and he might remove one of the gold metallic wires at the sd card slot of my note 4 those wires are small please help me its what seems to be the problem help
    08-29-2015 05:50 AM
  2. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    Sounds like it needs a repair from Samsung. Take it to your carrier's. that offers tech support and have them take a look first

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    08-29-2015 10:08 AM
  3. tailspao's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice, but do you think they will charge me for fixing it? I mean its still in warranty
    08-30-2015 01:31 AM
  4. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    Shouldn't charge you if it is still under warranty if there is no physical or water damage.
    08-30-2015 01:32 AM
  5. tailspao's Avatar
    They might suspect the physical and water damage of my phone experienced, but do you think that they can still fix the missing gold small wire in the sd card slot and broken non sounding speakers curious.
    08-30-2015 08:44 AM
  6. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    Samsung can fix it, if water or physical damage, they will charge you.

    If you still have warranty, you might can get a warranty exchange from your carrier. If there is water damage and they have stickers to show if there is water exposure, then they won't exchange it under warranty.
    08-30-2015 08:54 AM

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