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    Hi all,

    So I've got a Note 4 with Android Lollipop on it and absolutely love the phone especially since I had the Note 3 before this.

    Now something I always do is try and disable as many apps as I can to save battery. Now I'm thinking though that I might have disabled something that is now interfering with the ads in apps and games.

    The problem is this: most apps and games have ads in them and that's fine by me. The issue now though is that, especially with games, the ads no longer work.

    A scenario like this happens now to me all the time: I'll open a game and normally everytime I start a game an ad would pop-up and when it was done or when I had skipped it, I could play the game. What happens now though with almost every game is that when I open a game it will try and load the ad, but somehow skipps it and reloads the game. This results in an endless cycle of the game trying to show the ad, which fails, resulting in the game constantly restarting everytime an ad is supposed to pop-up.

    Conclusion is I can't play nearly any game anymore

    I DO NOT have an adblocker or anything installed, nor do I want one, since I'm not really that bothered by ads (unless it might fix the issue, but i doubt it).

    As I said before I'm thinking I may have turned something off that is causing this problem, but to enable them all again and then find out which one is causing this is a lot of effort, so I thought maybe someone knows which app could be responsible for this.

    I tried searching for the issue on every forum, but the only threads that pop-up are on how to get rid of ads and I want them back (I know, I'm probably crazy lol).

    Any tips would be deeply appreciated and I'll put a response to this message with the apps that I've disabled so we can all think about which one is causing this.

    In any case, thnak you in advance for thinking with me.


    09-03-2015 06:30 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Maybe you could show us a list of all the apps you've disabled. If no one else has any suggestions, I'd just reenable all apps (by going to the App Manager, tapping Menu, then Reset All App Preferences). Then disable apps one by one, checking a game's loading success after each disable. There are of course a bunch of apps you can disable right away that you know won't affect this (e.g., TalkBack). If you had disabled a "com" app (i.e, one that started with "com.android.xxxx"), I'd focus on that.
    09-03-2015 03:26 PM

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