1. johnlance's Avatar
    I download a lot of apps. so can I use an external SD card or micro SD card to get the high storage apps like Vainglory and Word? if yes, what are recommended cards and how to install them?
    09-04-2015 04:12 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You can only move certain portions of apps to the SD Card. The main file will always reside in the internal memory, and it's up to each dev to decide what else can be put into the SD card (most apps with external downloads allow those to go in the SD Card). The Note 4 officially supports cards up to 64GB I believe. I wouldn't get anything below a Class 10 for proper read/write speeds.

    You can also root your phone and apply a hack to make your phone believe that the SD card is part of the internal memory, that way you can move more stuff that was once restricted to SD Cards.

    Personally, I don't trust SD Cards as they're unreliable and tend to fail. Furthermore, my experience with SD Cards and Samsung phones has been less than ideal, so I stopped using them since the Note 3.
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    09-04-2015 04:17 PM
  3. nahoku's Avatar
    Personally, I don't trust SD Cards as they're unreliable and tend to fail
    I've never had a SD fail in any of my devices... and I've used a ton of them. Well, maybe not a ton, but many, many. I guess it all comes down to dumb luck!
    09-04-2015 07:26 PM
  4. muzzy996's Avatar
    IMO if one moves applications to SD eventually you reap what you sow when issues with speed or stability creep up. External memory cards are inherently slower than internal memory and while I agree with the spirit of SpookDroid's class 10 speed rating comment I'm afraid that simply relying on a speed classification rating vs actual speed ratings isn't always enough for some folks. It certainly isn't enough for me. There'sa lot of variation in random write and sequential write speeds for many different cards within the same Class 10 rating. IMO if one is looking for best possible performance then both the rated read and write speeds need to be taken into account.

    My recommendation? . . Look at the Samsun EVO PRO line or the Sandisk Extreme Pro line of microSD cards. I would think that the high rated write speeds are important consideration when one is going to be running applications off of external cards.

    Full disclosure, I never move apps to external storage myself. I fear the risk fo stability and performance far outweigh the benefit . . besides, I've never had to worry about space since I don't run that many large applications.
    09-04-2015 08:41 PM
  5. mhobizal's Avatar
    There are certain apps that when you move to an SD card you will loose the ability to use their widgets. I use an app called AppMgr III. It will help with moving apps and will tell you which apps have widgets that will be affected by the move.

    I've always moved apps to an SD card when using my old 16gb S5. Since I've moved to my new Note 4 with 32gb, I've not been that concerned.

    If you are concerned about storage checkout CCleaner and it will help with cleaning cache and other items. This morning I just cleared 4gb of cache off my note.
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    09-05-2015 07:45 AM
  6. eshropshire's Avatar
    Maybe you should read this article
    The real reason why micro SD card slots are disappearing from smartphones
    The real reason why micro SD card slots are disappearing from smartphones | ZDNet
    Don't let the Samsung Parrots see this article. All they keep repeating since the release of the S6 is how great Samsung is by removing options. Then they keep saying Micro SD card support is fading. Well in 2013 I bought a S4 because it and the Note 2 were the only flagship phones with SD card support. In 2015 seems like all the major players have SD card support. Motorola adding support back to their phones.

    The only reason Samsung has removed SD card support is to play the Apple card and raise the ASP of their phones. I have a 128 GB card in my Note 4 and it works great. I have had SD cards in my phones since 2011 with no problems.

    Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
    09-07-2015 12:40 AM
  7. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Maybe you should read this article
    The real reason why micro SD card slots are disappearing from smartphones
    The real reason why micro SD card slots are disappearing from smartphones | ZDNet
    I read that before. And I still don't trust SD Cards, especially with Samsung phones. I know people have had good results using SD Cards in Sammy phones, I haven't! haha maybe it's bad luck, who knows, but my S2 fried one card, a friend's S3 corrupted a couple, my S4 corrupted one, Note 2 corrupted 1, fried another, Note 3 corrupted the card that was working just fine on the S4... And that's where I learned my lesson.
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    09-08-2015 11:37 AM
  8. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Only card that (apparently and hopefully) hasn't given my any trouble is the one that I have on the Tab S.
    09-09-2015 10:54 AM

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