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    After 2 years using an S4 I decided to upgrade to a Note 4. I do not regret upgrading but some aspects on the Galaxy Note 4 are irritating. Like millions of others I used a Palm device from 2001 to 2006 and I was hoping the Galaxy Note would be good enough to compete.

    Some irritations
    1. In lollipop is is not longer possible to change the volume in the status bar. It is so, so irritating, I hate losing functionality. I had to find and download an app to restore functionality.
    2. I cannot think of anything Lollipop offers over KitKat that justifies losing an extra Megabyte of RAM. I wish I could read/write to my Ext SD card which as lost when we upgrades to 4.4.2.
    3. Video Player on my note 4 will no longer play .wmv videos, some .MP4 files and some of my .avi videos, these all used to work fine on my S4 using Video Player and still work on my Galaxy Tablets. Another loss of functionality and another app I had to find and download.
    4. The GPS on my Note 4 is a big step back on my S4. Locking on to my location takes twice as long and it is flakey, better than my old S2 but definitely worse than my S4. Most disappointing as I intend to use my Note 4 in the car. I just have to except that the map stops scrolling when the signal is lost.
    4. I love the S Pen but it is fiddly to use compared with a Palm, too many taps and button presses to write and save a simple note.
    5. On all my Galaxy devices the link to Kies is appalling. Virtually every time I have to use Kies it requires me to download another upgrade so no chance of a quick sync. On occasions linking to Keis on WiFi refuses to work (It never worked on my S2). I usually resort to emailing my files to myself to get them on to other Galaxy devices or I take all my Ext Cards out and update them all to hold the same files. Really time consuming.
    6. 15 years ago the Palm Desktop was superb for Syncing Contacts, Calendar, Notes etc, I kept using it for 10 years. In comparison Kies is hopeless, why should software developed on 2015 lag behind software from 2001. Come on Samsung we need a solution where we plug in and sync. Kies desktop needs a total overhaul.

    Moan over. I will certainly think hard about staying loyal to Samsung when I buy my next Android device.
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    09-05-2015 10:55 AM
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    Sorry you're so unhappy with your note 4. Maybe this will help you sync. I use Samsung sync, it works great for me. I only have it set to sync my photos and videos, whenever I am within range of my desktop it automatically saves new photos and videos to comp. Works perfectly every time I take new pics.

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    09-05-2015 02:34 PM

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