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    I'm thinking of switching to T-mobile to try it for a month or cricket to save money and get more data. Has anyone used an AT&T Note 4 on T-mobile? Can you still get 4gLte speeds and especially the ability to tether?

    The rep online said yes to last question but of course I know better than to trust that. lol so asking here. I have my phone's unlock code. One thing bothers me though. The rep for tools me it takes 24 hours to port my number. Not sure I can be without a phone that long. This is if I do everything online.

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    09-10-2015 03:36 PM
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    Try TMobile's "test drive" using your phone. (You'll have to add a TMobile APN) If it works, you'll know. If it doesn't, there's probably a small fee (a few bucks - they can tell you in the store).

    Name t-mobile US
    epx.tmobile.compppnumber NOTHING
    proxy not set
    port not set
    username not set (this may need the word none instead)
    password not set
    server not set
    mmsc http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile/mms/wapenc
    multimedia message proxy not set
    multimedia message port not set
    service provider NOTHING
    mnc 260
    authentication type not set
    apn type default,supl,mms
    apn protocol is auto set IPv4
    turn apnon / off is auto apn turned on
    bearer unspecified
    mobile virtual network operator none

    You won't get wifi calling, because the AT&T phone isn't built for it.

    Porting is usually delayed (if it is) by the company you're porting out of. If you MUST have constant service, I suggest you pay the $20 to port the number to Google Voice and have AT&T give you a new number. You should be without a phone for about 5 minutes. Once you have the new number, go to Google Voice and forward the number to your new AT&T number. When you get a TMobile number (as soon as you put the TMobile SIM in the phone plus about a minute for them to enter the information in the computer), add the TMobile number to the GV forwarding list. (My main GV number rings both my cell and my home phone.)

    Then you can delete forwarding to whichever number you don't keep. (And the number is yours, no matter what phone you're using - borrow a phone and you can forward calls to that phone while you're using it.)
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    09-10-2015 07:03 PM
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    Rukbat, thanks for the Advice. I didn't know you could use your own phone to do the Tmobile Test drive. I thought you had to use the Iphone. Otherwise, before I switched to AT&T with my old Verizon Note 4, I would have tried that. Instead, just signed up to get activated and got horrible speeds on my Verizon N4, so cancelled immediately. Didn't leave the store even. So traded for the ATT Note 4 on ATT after having problems with the Verizon one on ATT. I don't want to go through that again. LOL.

    Good to know and I'll have to ask. If I do it on the weekend, I could be able to get away with no phone for a day. It never took more than a couple hours for me to get ported number when I switched with my Note 2 and then not even an hour with the ATT Note 4. So hope it doesn't take that long. Will have to see.

    On a side note, I had another dropped Call on ATT again today. Exchanged my sim card for another one a little over a week ago, now I have to factory reset my phone, huge PITA, but I have to try. I'm reluctant to bring it in for insurance replacement, since this just started happening about a month ago, random dropped calls. Especially when in my car using the bluetooth, but it has happened out while walking my dog in the neighborhood. I'm hoping it's not the phone, because have had it since I bought it new and don't want a refurbished phone with possibly other problems. I know my phone and it's been working good until recently. I wouldn't expect dropped calls on it with AT&T. Been through 4 or 5 tech support calls and all that's left is a factory reset before replacing it. Hope that fixes it!
    09-10-2015 10:31 PM
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    No luck Rukbat. I called customer service and they ended the Tmobile Test Drive. The lady said to just use the two week trial period they give you and only pay for the used data, which I don't like. Or I can try it in the Store like I did with my Verizon Note 4, and if I have problems with download speeds being slow or coverage in the store (I've always read TMobile sucks indoors, then I can just do a "forget what they call it" but just deactivate my account, because I didn't have it that long. That';s what I did when the Verizon Note 4 didn't work.

    I actually Like at&t and don't want to leave it, because I have a good plan at a low price, but last night had another dropped call and was on for an hour with another Helpful (not being sarcastic, she was actually helpful) tech support rep. I have had at least 10-12 Dropped calls now all in the last month and a half at various places outside and scenarios (in car or out while walking my dog. Not all in the same area either. This bugs me since I've never had a dropped call at all before this, last night I did a factory reset, which was the last thing to do they told me before a Warranty Replacement. So If it happens again, she said it'll get elevated to ICU support after she sends todays findings to the Network guys. So I'm kind of unhappy, because I don't want a replacement (refurbished phone most likely, that may be worse than what's happening to mine right now), unless maybe a new note 4 which I doubt I'll get. I know my phone and the only thing I remember changing was getting two small att updates and after that, my phone started dropping calls. Of course they say it's not that.

    If I did go to Tmobile, I would try my note 4 on it, but can't do the wifi calling, which if they do suck, is an option I probably would need. Meaning having to buy a new phone with them. The note 4 is on sale right now, but still a lot of money and even considering the Nexus 6 If I had to get a new phone on their network as they are rereleasing them with Wi fi Calling capability next month. So it's a tough call. Hopefully no more problems with my phone, but i did a factory reset and my calengoo app kept freezing up my phone last night and today, the phone froze in the camera app, so that's a new development. I'll get the replacement if I have to, but not my first choice. Something is up and didn't get a chance to wipe the cache as the phone kept going in safe mode after the reset, i think I should have done before I did it, but was in a hurry to get it done late last night. I'll try now that I have my phone set up again. Took me 5 hours last night, PITA, but had to do all the options they gave me to fix it.

    I appreciate the advice about the test drive, but not looking like an option. At least I have the APN settings if I try it with my Note 4 and they don't do it right. Some of the guys I talked with at the local store, seemed not too bright with stuff with other carrier's devices on their network. Will have to see and let you know what happens. Was hoping to get some comments by people who have used att note 4 on Tmobile. Everything I google has people using TMobile note 4 on ATT.
    09-12-2015 12:44 AM
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    Hello Andy847, Make sure you have not turned on any special calling features, like HD Voice, or Voice Over LTE (VOLTE), etc, or maybe the fixes enabled those. WIFI calling? - try turning it off. Good Luck!
    01-03-2016 02:22 AM

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