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    hello everyone, been trying to fix a problem on my galaxy note 4 (sm-N910G) since the latest update (previously was on 5.0.1, but with a small minor update OTA , the issue has started). The phone was working excellent with an extended 32gb memory stick.
    Twice a day the phone reboots continuously , say more than 20 times, even after removing battery the phone does not starts up. so eventually when i get tired of removing the battery again and again, later after 45 minute or so the phone is ready to be used on its own.
    In order to fix this issue (in lay-man way); I tried these follow steps:-
    PART 1:
    1. Factory reset the phone through factory rest option in the settings
    2. installed the necessary apps in order to check whether any application is creating any trouble
    3. Formatted the memory stick as well so to match it with the compatibility of the phone
    4. left the phone for a full charge.

    Results:- The phone was working fine until 3 hours and the same issue hit it again. So the pain taken in resolving the issue dint work out.

    PART 2:-
    1. Hard Reset (using volume up+Home Button+Power key), Factory wipe and cache clean
    2. The reboot took around 30 minutes to start.
    3. Went through set up guide, and completed the process (dint installed any apps at the start as dint wanted to go through the pain of downloading and registering on each apps again)
    4. recharged the phone to 100%
    5. Phone worked smooth for around 5 Hours, and same issue strike again

    Have been search intensively for remedies and solution for this problem fix. have been using this device but never in these months faced any issues before the latest OTA update, everyday there was some or other bug captured( the report was generated but dint knew whom to forward, have saved it as draft). i guess there is some issue with the latest update and has affected the firmware.

    I dont want to root my device. nor i wish for any custom ROM's.
    is there a way that i can flash stock firmware on my device WITHOUT Rooting it ?
    need help.!
    09-25-2015 04:09 PM
  2. taife32's Avatar
    Yes, download Odin and it's stock firmware you want flash. Of cause there will be some instructions on how to do it on the site where you download Odin from. Read those instructions carefully.

    Flashing stock rom does not require you to root your device at all.

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    09-26-2015 01:47 AM

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