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    Yes, I know, my phone (Note 4) may not be the best amp but it's the only thing I can use at a shoot tomorrow. I am thinking of ordering an Fiio E6 but for now I need an amp. Could I use the adapter that I have (It is an adapter that splits headphone and incoming mic signals into one male jack that goes into the phone) for this? I am wondering if there is an app that allows me to amplify the signals sent from the mic and put it out through the headphone jack. Thanks.

    Here is the adapter that I am talking about. The red end is where you connect your microphone and green is for headphone jack. It works really nice with Skype on my phone, etc and is extremely cheap. About a dollar or two on ebay)
    Is there a way to use your smartphone as a microphone amp?-shopping.jpg
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    10-18-2015 12:24 AM
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    10-19-2015 10:50 AM
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    Could you tell me what is is? Thanks.
    10-19-2015 05:57 PM
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    Search for microphone in the App store. I found a few apps that can act as a microphone. I did not try or test any of them. Was just curious........
    10-20-2015 12:49 AM

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