1. JaMelv Morrow's Avatar
    I dropped my note 4 in water, and although it still works my touch sensitivity had changed drastically. My input is not recognized properly anymore with Swype texting, some key inputs are doubled with one touch and some key inputs aren't even recognized at all. Can this be rectified somehow?

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    10-21-2015 04:00 AM
  2. millerwa76's Avatar
    Other than replacing the phone? Doubtful. When your phone gets wet/submerged in water, it needs immediate attention. The best thing to do is to immediately remove the battery and place the phone in a sealed bag full of rice for a day or 2. The rice will absorb the moisture in the phone. It's not guaranteed to work, but as far as I know, it's by far the best option.
    10-22-2015 11:37 AM
  3. JaMelv Morrow's Avatar
    That's what I was afraid of hearing. Thanks.

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    10-22-2015 04:22 PM

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