1. AC Question's Avatar
    Every time I plug-in the headphones it forces the volume to be dropped to 70% of maximum. But I never want that, especially in my car. It gives me pop-up message "warning" me about the "danger" of high volume usage. To override it, I have to do a juggling act of button pushing to achieve my 100% volume choice. I've tried the Tasker app to override this dumb "feature" but nothing works. Stop the madness Samsung. Is there any way for me to turn this off? - Thanks guys! - Matty D.
    10-23-2015 11:14 AM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    It drops so some ***** wont plug in headphones and go deaf and sue Samsung for his negligence.

    Same with the warning, its there so if or when you have hearing loss you cant sue them for having your music to loud because they warned you and you accepted the warning.
    10-23-2015 01:44 PM

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