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    I'm trying to troubleshoot a rebooting issue that I have documented in another thread. Long story, no so short.

    My device has ran fine on 5.1.1 since I updated two weeks ago. I have a mildly depleted year old original battery (EB-BN910BBU) so I got another from AT&T free under warranty (also a EB-BN910BBU) and I also bought one off eBay (EB-BN910BBE). I have not used the replacement from AT&T yet. The eBay one is 100% genuine Samsung. QR code scans with serial number, laser engraving present under sticker, NFC is present and works, factory packaging, etc. I installed this eBay one and charged it to 100%. Seemed fine but only got like 3 hours of very mild use and then at around 40%, device went into a crazy reboot cycle. Happen twice back to back. Had to pull battery, reinstall, and reboot into recovery mode and clear system cache. Seemed to work. Also, I deleted an app the I sideloaded this same day, thought it may be causing the issue.

    Yesterday, the battery lasted all day long. Took off charger at 4:45am and by 7:30pm, I still had 40% remaining but, it happened again at around this time. Random reboot loop that only a battery pull and recovery mode cache clear would cure. Rouge app I deleted is now out of the question. The only other thing I did since the 5.1.1 update other than install that one app was I re-encrypted my device and SD card two days previous to this new battery install. Seemed to be working OK. Last night after all these festivities, I unencrypted my device and SD to rule that out. So that's where I am right now.

    But after all that, what I am trying to gather with no luck is info about this EB-BN910BBE battery. Did anyone's Note 4 come factory with this battery? I guess I can put the original battery back in or even the new AT&T one in but I kind of want to go step by step and see if this eBay battery is the culprit.

    But again, if anyone has any knowledge of this EB-BN910BBE battery or if yours came with it when new, I'm all ears.

    Thanks for reading my rambling.
    10-25-2015 10:12 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I can't really shed any light on that particular battery model, but I'd still be wary of anything from eBay, even if it looks completely legit. Counterfeiters can be awfully crafty these days. Who was the seller?
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    10-25-2015 10:10 PM
  3. odb9014's Avatar
    I can't really shed any light on that particular battery model, but I'd still be wary of anything from eBay, even if it looks completely legit. Counterfeiters can be awfully crafty these days. Who was the seller?
    I forget the seller. I'll look it up. The battery has all the characteristics of the real deal. Laser engraved under the wrap identical to the OEM, matte backside to wrap instead of chrome or shiny silver, working scan thing on side, no excess plastic sides of cell under wrap, etc. Anyway, yeah I'm not using that battery for a while. If my device runs fine with my original and my new AT&T provided battery, then maybe I'll test that one again.
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    10-25-2015 10:22 PM
  4. ThaliaCalliope's Avatar
    Very late reply I know but my Note 4 came with the EB-BN910BBE battery, it's was fine for a few months, then a bit flaky (discharging really quickly, running out of power with very little warning ) and then started rebooting and it's now finally stuck in permanent bootloop. All this on a battery that came with the phone and is still less than six months old. So I'd say there are definitely some problems with some of them.
    07-17-2016 05:47 PM
  5. djdevilishrd's Avatar
    I had the Same issue with a EB-BN910BBE that was factory equiped in my phone. It took place after it was about a year old, but I was using a non-samsung cheap dollar store charger and it seemed like after charging with that charger (in quick charge mode) the battery was causing the exact same issues.

    I'm currently using both the BBE battery and a BBU battery and both work fine, so I don't believe the issue is specific to the model number. It may have an age thing, or possibly charging on quick charge and excessive heat is damaging the NFC circuit that is causing other problems.

    10-05-2016 02:29 PM
  6. Giulesti's Avatar
    I hope this helps. I bought a BBE for my note 4 on eBay. After 3 months, switching continuously between OEM battery (BBZ) and the eBay one (BBE) i noticed the last one (BBE) would throw my phone on a loop (restart), once a week at first then increasing to 3 times a day as I stubbornly left this battery in. As a bonus, after 3 weeks the loop would not end with my phone restarting but draining the battery from aprox. 40% to 0% in a matter of minutes. I reverted to OEM battery (BBZ) and had no problems ever since. I noticed a lot of people complaining of issues when using the BBE batteries so it looks like a pattern at this point.
    10-26-2016 03:46 PM

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