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    My Galaxy Note 4 used to work perfectly with my car kit Parrot 3200ls colour but for some reason has developed a problem.
    The Note 4 pairs and connects to the parrot no problem but when you make or receive a call there is no sound. The caller or callee can hear me but I hear nothing.
    I have tested the Parrot 3200ls with an iPhone 6 and it works perfectly so I know it's not the Parrot at fault.
    I have tested the Galaxy Note 4 with a Bury Bluetooth car kit and the same problem exist therefore it is definately the phone with a problem with bluetooth car kits.
    Can anyone help me solve this problem.
    I defected from Apple to Android and until this problem I was happy with Android.

    B. Diddy
    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Bluetooth, tap the settings icon next to the Parrot headset, and make sure Phone Audio is checked on. If it is, and you're still having the problem, then try forgetting the headset, and go through the pairing process again.

    Thanks but I have done all of that many times, still no joy. And still no sound on other bluetooth car kits aswell.
    11-19-2015 12:01 AM

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