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    So I was tired with Touchwiz and wanted to install CyangenMod. I moved SuperSU and installed the TWRP. So long all fine.
    But then I did something and it got all kind of issues. I wasn't able to install CyangenMod. I have battled with my phone for the last 2 days, but without success.

    The state of the phone now is as follows. Unable to enter recovery mode (Says"Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again."). Now this isn't really the issue, i have gotten this other times to and made it go away. But the real issue is that after wiping the phone to factory reset and also wiping cache, it just reboots, and never actually starts.

    I have the SM-N910F model

    Thank you for any advise.
    11-24-2015 09:52 AM
  2. siimc's Avatar
    Forgot to say that I have already tried to flash stock android with Odin. Tried with the instructions from your link. Just got this.
    <ID:0/004> Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    <ID:0/004> File analysis..
    <ID:0/004> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/004> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/004> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/004> SingleDownload.
    <ID:0/004> aboot.mbn
    <ID:0/004> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/004> sbl1.mbn
    <ID:0/004> rpm.mbn
    <ID:0/004> tz.mbn
    <ID:0/004> sdi.mbn
    <ID:0/004> __XmitData_Write
    <ID:0/004> Complete(Write) operation failed.
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    11-24-2015 10:08 AM
  3. siimc's Avatar
    Tried this now and it failed.

    Don't know if this makes a difference, but i used this firmware (can't post links, but it's from xda-developers. The official ROMs MEGA links)
    The firmware in your link was not for my model.

    EDIT: It seems to be working. I feel really stupid now as i didn't even think about trying another USB port. Sorry for taking your time.
    11-24-2015 10:50 AM

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