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    I want to ask.. something that i dont know everybody have observed or not .. see when ever i take photos of a light or bright image .. it some kind distort i mean to say some spikes of that light comes alongside (like when we were kids we used to draw the picture of a sun ☀ we put some spikes alongside the circle).. the camera is built out of the surface so i am really concerned about scratches and what for the shots after few scratches .. and whether it will catch some scratches after day to day pocket use..
    11-28-2015 12:32 AM
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    You can see

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    11-28-2015 02:20 AM
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    11-28-2015 02:20 AM
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    These spikes

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    11-28-2015 02:21 AM
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    The phenomena is called lens flare. It happens on practically all cameras to some degree. Sometimes its well controlled and attractive, other times its very pronounced and annoying. Definitely more pronounced in the shots you posted.

    I wish I could say there's an issue with your lens but looking back over a year of photos with my Note 4 I did find a couple of shots (out of thousands) that exhibited similar flare that is more pronounced in one direction than another just like your shots. It took some effort for me to find a photo like that though because I simply don't shoot directly into lights or a lot of low light situations. For the shot or two that I found in my collection the lights in question werre basically pointing directly towards the lens of the camera.

    In general I don't shoot in low light but the shots that I do have on file do not display a lot of flare unless shot at an extreme angle to a direct point light source such as spotlights, flood lights or headlights. Photos in low light with diffused lighting sources such as florescent lighting or lights in diffusers/shades are fine. Attached are a couple of shots. The indoor restauraunt one exhibits no flare. The lights have diffusers on them. The arena shot well, the lights are much more intense and directional.

    My advice in your case is clean and then examine your lens cover for scratches. Photograph an extreme light source at multple angles and see if the angle of your flare follows the rotation of the camera exactly, that could indicate that what your'e seeing is related to the scratches or smudges on your lens.Note 4 camera help for scratches and smudges-uploadfromtaptalk1448821977286.jpgNote 4 camera help for scratches and smudges-uploadfromtaptalk1448821992583.jpg
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    11-29-2015 12:36 PM
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    Very well elaborated.. thank you.. i knew this is not the problem .. yeah it happen when camera have lot of smudges.. thanks for your reply .. next and most important thing i would like to ask that how you protect your camera lens.. do those phone whose camera is a little out of phone, scratch resistant to any degree..?? Tell me your way i am going to protect it the same.. these days i use a plastic with a circular cutout at the center for the protection of lens like how it came out of the box
    11-29-2015 12:54 PM
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    I go naked. I'm not a believer in lens protection, that includes my DSLR lenses. I'll put filters on as needed but I believe in being careful to begin with rather than sticking another clear element in front of a lens and affecting photo quality. Clarity is subjective but there's no denying that adding another element is . . well . . adding another element in front of the lens.

    My Note 4 has an S-View case on it. The back plate is thicker than stock so rather than having the lens touch the surface of a table when placed back down the lens is protected. I never place my phone in a pocket or bag with other objects. if I have to store my phone in my bag it goes into a dedicated pocket within it so that no objects rub against it.

    As far as your idea of clear films with a circle around the element goes, that's not a bad idea but I haven't used it. I have to wonder if there's an impact to light collection there too. Only way to know is to test in controlled conditions. I wouldnt be surprised if such a film produces glare or artifacts as light diffuses out of the edge of the film in certain lighting situations but I could be wrong. I've always just taken such films off.
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    11-29-2015 01:04 PM
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    Last question.. is the camera lens scratch resistant to some degree?

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    11-29-2015 01:10 PM
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    I think that's another subjective issue. I say yes but with my own subjective opinion that provided I don't treat it harshly I should be fine. The thing is, my kind of harsh may be different than someone else's.

    The truth is each of us has to evaluate our usage/treatment, make a decision and end up right in that decision or wrong. One can be right to protect a lens or front glass and end up truly needing it or wrong and end up with protection that wasn't needed. Win win perhaps. One can be right in going naked too . . or wrong and end up having to do a repair.

    I have to admit, I don't protect my phone's camera because I don't see it as my primary camera. If it were, I'd probably consider it a bit more. For me cell phone cameras are just cameras i happen to have around all the time, but for anything of importance I'll bring a camera dedicated for the task.
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    11-29-2015 02:03 PM
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    Thankyou... issue solved

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    11-29-2015 02:12 PM

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