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    Hi all

    My Note 4 screen has started locking up (i.e. continuing to work in the background and the screen is still responding to system events (SMS notifications etc) but it is not responding to touch.

    I have tried several factory resets, after which the screen stays responsive for about 3 or 4 pages, then locks up again.

    Background: the phone was rooted about a year ago, to get around the SD card restriction, and has worked fine up until the last week. I gave the phone to a friend who put CWM-based recovery manager and the latest Samsung Android 5.1.1 on it. After setting the phone up successfully and downloading all my apps on to it and getting everything running perfectly, I used CWM to back up the OS image onto the SD card.

    Phone worked great for about a day, then started freezing. Wiping the caches / restoring / factory resets and all permutations of these have so far proved ineffective...

    I took the phone in to a repair shop last night, the guy reckoned the problem was down to a poor screen replacement, and they hadn't used the correct bonding cement, and that the screen had separated from the LCD such that capacitance couldn't do its thing.

    However if this were the case, the screen would not work at all, even briefly after a system reset.

    The repairer is simply dismantling and rebuilding the phone to see if it's a loose/dirty connector somewhere. He's not going to try to fix it with firmware/software.

    Any pointers or suggestions gratefully received

    12-22-2015 07:29 AM

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