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    Hi, new to this forum!

    I had around 150 albums on my Galaxy Note 4. A week or so ago, all of my songs were listed in 'track number' order, but since an update a few days ago, I noticed that the tracks were now ordered alphabetically in my phone. I decided to delete the albums off so I could re-upload them, but the issue persisted.

    When I look at the files on my laptop, all the details are still present, but for some reason when I send them to my phone via usb, each song loses its track number. If I look at the song's details through the default music app, each song has a track number of '0'. I can still play every song, but this is very annoying to me for obvious reasons.

    I'm currently backing up my phone, thinking of resetting and restoring it to see if that helps. Before I do that, has anyone else experienced this, and/or do you have any advice? Thanks in advance.
    01-15-2016 03:28 PM

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