1. Dankees's Avatar
    So, I did a full factory reset of my phone, updated the OS to 5.1.1, and then replaced the battery to a new battery. I loaded a bunch of applications to the phone and I moved what I could to my SD Card. I charged the phone, while off, for over 15 hours.

    I turned on the phone, and the battery life is not much better than before.

    According to my phone, I have had it on for over 4 hours, with minimal usage, and it is telling me that I have about 6 hours left.

    What the hell? I upgraded the OS, I did a full factory reset, and I replaced the battery to a brand new Anker battery and the battery life is still sucking?

    What the hell?

    Can anyone please offer some insight?

    I'm really upset about this. I thought I'd be getting over 18 hours of battery life.
    02-06-2016 08:55 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Which apps are using the most power? (If you reinstalled all your apps, I'm guessing it's one of them. Facebook is a known battery hog.)
    02-06-2016 09:41 PM
  3. Dankees's Avatar
    Actually, nope. I'm only using Facebook through the Chrome browser.

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    02-06-2016 09:50 PM
  4. muzzy996's Avatar
    Still doesn't answer the question though, what is the battery status screens telling you? Post screen shots of them. The application usage screen, the graph and the screen usage page.
    02-07-2016 10:46 AM

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