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    I am just curious if anyone has found a way to move game data without voiding the warranty? Because for some reason all games aren't in the cloud or there isn't an easy solution for this in the year 2016.

    I have used Helium in the past with good results. But then I had a problem with my phone and couldn't get help, because software was installed on my phone that voided the warranty. I am guessing that was because of Helium... No one could tell me.

    I got a replacement phone and would like to move my game data, but don't want to void my warranty. So it looks like I have two options:
    1) Lose my game data.
    2) Void my warranty, install Helium and transfer my game data.

    I hope someone knows of an option #3. It would be nice to transfer my game data without voiding my warranty. Thanks in advance.
    02-14-2016 12:00 PM

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