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    I've uploaded all of my iTunes music into Google Play using the Play Music Manager for Mac. Everything went nice and smooth and I now have my entire iTunes library at my disposal when I'm on the go, which is awesome. No need to suck up storage space on my phone. I don't plan on ditching iTunes at all (I have a Mac and an iPad), but I'm curious how I go about keeping my Google Play music/playlists up to date with changes that I make through iTunes. If I purchase a song through iTunes and add it to a particular playlist, will that song be available for me through Play Music in the same playlist? Or if I create a new playlist in iTunes, will that playlist show up in Play Music? And what about the other direction....if I create a new playlist in Play Music, will it sync with my iTunes account and be available on my desktop? Or do I need to upload new songs from iTunes to Play Music every time I add one to my iTunes library?

    (please don't be that last one!)
    03-18-2016 04:00 AM

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