08-11-2016 09:59 PM
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    I won't speak for AC but I wouldn't be surprised if they sell liquidated products. I'm sure your battery is new. Maybe just a returned item at a retail store with damaged packaging. But again, I'm not speaking for Android Central store, I'm just trying to make sense of the situation.

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    Well, this certainly better not be the case. Selling used or liquidated products should carry a disclaimer. I can see it happening on ebay, but here??? I'm using the new battery right now to test, and the battery that got removed is sitting on the side with a piece of tape over the contacts. I emailed AC Store, so we'll see what they say.
    04-02-2016 08:34 PM
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    Same here, first time I ordered from them and disappointed that they don't appear to be genuine OEM. Things like that are why I normally only get batteries directly from the OEM (ex. Samsung) or from a retail channel that is known to carry genuine OEM (ex. Best Buy or my carrier Verizon), but they were all out of stock at the time. Then I saw an ad on the AC homepage where they were 43% off at Shop Android (their listing even uses the word OEM). I should've known better and stuck to my M.O. While so far they charge normally and provide good battery life I can't help but wonder about their reliability and longevity.

    Thankfully, this past Thursday I found Verizon had them in stock again and where I can use an employer discount (ex. only $20 a battery. ), so I cancelled my order at Samsung that was still 3 weeks in on back order. The Samsung customer service rep I spoke with when cancelling said they're noted to be that way a while yet. I asked if it was due to demand and/or limited supply but he wasn't sure (we both agreed though it's probably both).
    Well, I got a reply from ShopAndroid (AC's store). It seems these batteries are OEM, but "bulk" purchase. Nothing in their ad stating so, so no way to tell where these came from. In my opinion, ShopAndroid used deceptive/leading advertising by omitting the "bulk/white box" description, and stating this... "Bring a spare with you on a camping trip, a late night drinking excursion or even while you're traveling" Yah, you can take one somewhere... just make sure you tape over the contacts first! Sad!

    Buyer beware... these OEM Note 4 batteries that ShopAndroid sells is NOT in retail packaging and there is NO CARRY/STORAGE CASE included.

    This really left a bad taste in my mouth for some reason! I actually feel ripped off... mostly because ShopAndroid knowingly omitted the "bulk" purchase information in their ad. Had I known there was no case, I wouldn't have bought the battery. I've been buying computer stuff for a very long time, and Newegg, and even Amazon, will state "bulk/white box" packaging. What a let down, especially the CS rep writing, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience". Was that supposed to make me feel better?

    I have learned my lesson!
    04-04-2016 01:54 PM
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    Only Geordy and Data can tell the resolution. Lol

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    04-04-2016 05:04 PM
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    I ordered a Note 4 battery from Samsung's website for $24.99 on 3/10/16. It was on backorder but finally arrived on 4/4/16.
    04-04-2016 05:30 PM
  5. nahoku's Avatar

    Just wanted to update that ShopAndroid is issuing me a partial refund for not having a case included with the battery. I guess they're doing it because their listing didn't state this. They have not changed their listing to reflect the fact yet, and I don't know if they ever will. I got the battery for the sale price they had it for yesterday, $16.95... but I still much rather have a case instead! The battery works fine, holds a good charge, and appears to be Samsung OEM, so not all is bad.

    Next time... well, you know...
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    04-07-2016 08:00 PM
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    i was in verizon today looking at the phones....i compared the note 7 to my note 4,,,i just don,t see where it has the wow factor to make me upgrade...there is just not enough there for me to do it...the other phone i looked at is the v10 from lg...i am dissappointed in the display lg has in it,,ips..sort of dull looking...i am waiting now for the v20 to come out..it is suppose to have a knock out audio on it...and i listen to spotify all the time...just hope lg makes a better screen too..if the screen on lg v20 is better..i might bite for that...due to the audio
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    08-11-2016 12:48 AM
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    One thing I'm hooked on with my Note 4 is the smart flip cover. I like that it's a part of the phone and not a case. It makes holding the phone much easier and has kept the phone in pristine condition without being bulky.

    From what I understand this isn't an option going forward.
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    08-11-2016 01:22 PM
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    I have 8 spare batteries and a deep love for old faithful, my note 4. Not the fastest but with 6.x.x it is as perfect a phone for me. I don't get a new car each time I pay it off, so I won't do that with a phone either, as long as it continues to meet my needs it will be my daily driver. I like swappable batteries as I use at least 2 a day.

    This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and eat meat in it.
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    08-11-2016 09:59 PM
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