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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I've noticed that no matter what options I try on the phone itself when I take a photo using the front facing camera and try to upload it to any application ie, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram etc it all turns the photo sideways into landscape mode. I have tried all of the options within those applications and I have tried all the options on the camera itself. The photos look right on my phone in the gallery but as soon as they are uploaded they are turned sideways for some reason. Cropping and using any of the rotate features within the applications does not resolve the issue. Photo information from one of the photos list this:
    type: JPEG
    size: 1.2MB
    resolution: 2560x1440
    orientation: 270 degrees.
    I thought maybe it is the resolution size that is causing it to do this so I changed the resolution size of the photos and tried it again and the same issue happens. I thought maybe taking the pictures using the front facing camera in landscape mode and the same issue happens.
    So I took the same photo with my rear facing camera and no matter the resolution it posted the photos correctly.

    Has anyone else had this issue before or currently having this issue? This seems to be an issue with the front facing camera only. Has this been reported to anyones knowledge to any of the phone manufacturers or the creators of the OS in general?
    03-27-2016 01:05 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! This probably won't matter, but do you have Auto-Rotate turned on or off? If it's off, turn it on and see if that changes anything.
    03-27-2016 04:12 PM
  3. nahoku's Avatar
    The problem is that phones are programmed with landscape mode at 0 degrees rotation in EXIF data, and portrait mode is at 90 degrees. When you post a portrait photo to websites, the website reads the EXIF data and displays the photos rotated. This has been going on forever and the fix that many people use is to very slightly crop the photo before uploading it to a website, or else take a screen shot of the photo and upload that. Big PITA! Another option is perhaps look through the settings of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to see if there's an option to adjust orientation before posting the picture. Or, look on Playstore for an EXIF data editor to edit the rotation data. Or, take all your photos in landscape mode.

    My personal feeling is that all those social websites should have options to correct orientation settings... that would be the best fix since phone cameras don't have the option to edit. I use none of these sites, so for me, its not a problem. But, there are many with this same problem throughout all the forums.
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    03-27-2016 06:50 PM

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