1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hey recently, my phone has been acting up, it'll die at about 6- 14%. and when it does reboot it'll keep on rebooting. and my phone will do this about 10-20 times, until it'll get a screen that says, "secure fail:modem" in tiny red letters on the upper left corner, and in the middle it has a triangle with an explanation point. Any advice on what i should do? this is the third time, that i has done this to me.
    yet when i plug my phone in, it gets fixed. i don't want that to be my only solution.
    04-02-2016 01:16 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Rooted or unrooted? Is it still under warranty?
    04-02-2016 01:50 AM
  3. Amb312's Avatar
    That happened to mine. I got a new battery and it stopped.
    04-02-2016 07:44 AM
  4. jcevans7's Avatar
    I know it's a older post, but I've just recently been having this issue on my phone. It is not rooted and actually a replacement from T-Mobile cause my last phone got stuck in a boot loop. I have 2 batteries and it does it on both. Kind of random. The phone always gets real hot to touch. Pretty sure the processor is over heating causing the error.
    09-19-2016 11:36 PM
  5. elitim330's Avatar
    I've been having similar problems as well. I only have one battery. Have you found the solution yet? Do you think it's a battery problem or a hardware problem? Did you get a new battery and did it fix the problem?
    12-17-2016 11:48 PM
  6. Robert Tarver's Avatar

    I had the same issue with my Note 4, sprint version. After installing the OTA update for 6.0.1, it began freezing/locking up/random rebooting. It would also hang up on the samsung screen. I would have to pull out and then insert the battery to just get the thing to turn on. Install the above app. Wake Lock - Power Manager by Darken. You may still get the odd reboot, but your phone will like it should. THIS IS AN OTA OS UPDATE CONFLICT ISSUE. Do not bother resetting your phone, hard or soft, it is not caused by some app, or a SD card, or a defective battery. IT IS A SOFTWARE ISSUE ALONE.
    04-01-2017 05:51 PM
  7. Robert Tarver's Avatar
    04-01-2017 07:28 PM

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