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    I am a fairly unhappy owner of an S5. I upgraded from my pretty trusty S4, which, after 3 years, finally had some unrecoverable hardware failures. I'm ready to ditch my S5 and consider a Note 4 instead. But I have a few questions.

    My main problem with the S5 is that the lollipop upgrade appears to have totally screwed it somehow. A lot of the time, my phone will lag for several minutes while it does ... whatever it does. None of these issues have been caught by the reviews that I saw on the phone. Mostly, I assume, because the reviews were conducted when the S5 was still running KitKat.

    So, that's a long-winded way to get to my questions about the Note4:

    1. The Note4 appears to have been released with KitKat, how has the upgrade been to Lollipop?
    2. Wikipedia says that some variants of the phone have Marshmallow, has that had any issues?
    3. How do I find out which release is running on the t-mobile variant of this phone that I'd want to get?
    4. Are there other things I should be concerned with if I upgrade to the Note 4 that I can't find on the reviews?

    Thanks in advance.
    04-04-2016 11:44 AM
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    I've made the upgrade to the Note 4 from my S5 (which too has succumb to a gyro and heart rate sensor fail) and love it. From what I've read, the Note 4 took a hit when the 5.0 update came along, but has since then seen improvements in 5.1.1 (my international variant is currently running on). If you're looking to buy the device unlocked, I would highly recommend B&H as they not only provide a one year warranty, but the device pages have complete break down of specs which may help you in finding out which variant is fit for t mobile.

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    04-04-2016 12:16 PM
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    Did you have the issues that I mentioned on the S5?
    04-04-2016 12:28 PM
  4. AXEL314's Avatar
    Did you have the issues that I mentioned on the S5?
    No I never updated my S5, I was rooted.

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    04-04-2016 12:34 PM
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    I have the Note 4, AT&T flavor, updated to Lollipop well after I bought it. The only "lag" I can report that bugs me at all is when I take a picture and then want to immediately open the picture to look at it by tapping on the little square preview in the camera app. The delay is easily 5 seconds, sometimes as much as 10 or so. I do not consider this a fatal flaw, but it is, in fact, lag. And it was present in KitKat anyway, so it's not like Lollipop caused it.

    Other than that, the Lollipop upgrade has been very good to my phone.

    I did factory-reset it because I was running in to a few glitchy issues, but I have come to expect such things from a major upgrade. If you are upgrading you'll have a factory-reset one anyway, so it's not like you'll be losing any settings or anything.
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    04-04-2016 03:23 PM

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