1. Ralph Takchi's Avatar

    Recently some of my apps have been crashing for no reason. I researched online and found out that the Android System Webview might be the reason for that so i uninstalled it to see if it would resolve my problem but it didn't.
    Today morning i found out that there was a new version of the system webview saying that they resolved the crash. I updated it but still no results.
    My apps are still crashing.
    What should i do?
    PS: I tried restarting my phone and turning it off.

    Your help on this matter is highly appreciated!
    05-27-2016 03:29 AM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar

    Please try the following, if any particular step works, don't proceed to next.

    1. Enter recovery and do a wipe of the Cache Partition. no data loss will occur.
    2. Go to Accounts (in settings) and remove Google Account. Reboot, then re-add google account.
    3. Enter Safe Mode, see if problem persists. (if not, might be a rogue app). Start long process of disabling custom apps, one by one.
    4. Do a Full Factory Reset. LAST RESORT. All data loss, phone as new. Back up your device.

    Hope this helps

    05-27-2016 06:20 AM

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