1. Willelmus's Avatar

    I'm having several issues with my note 4 when it comes to texting.

    Randomly the texting app (be it stock hangouts or any other) would crash. I would get the message "Unfortunately XXXXX has stopped working". Afterwards, I would be unable to read any text sent until I reboot my phone. At the same time, text messages sent during this interval would be lost.

    I have tried several things, factory reset, several other texting app to no avail. I even sent my phone back to T-mobile in order to get another one. The issue still persist. What can I do?
    06-06-2016 11:32 AM
  2. rcobourn's Avatar
    After you reset, are you restoring previous apps and data? If so, try skipping that and see if the problem recures. I'm assuming you are using factory ROM; if not, return to that as well.
    06-06-2016 03:36 PM
  3. rcobourn's Avatar
    One other thing... Go through your contacts and clean them up (easier done on a PC). Convoluted contacts with large notes seemed to cause issues for me at one point.
    06-06-2016 03:39 PM
  4. Willelmus's Avatar
    I've done both. The problem still occurs. And yeah factory rom. Will try to clean up my contacts not really hopeful though
    06-08-2016 09:09 AM

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