1. Sed Harris's Avatar
    I have a Note 4 on Verizon and downloaded and installed 6.0.1 (MM) on June 2 . All was well but didn't see a bunch of changes. Last night (June 9), my Note 4 did a factory reset and now the icons look different and, of course, I have to rebuild all my pages of applications . I have no idea what happened as the battery is never let to deplete below 25%. I did reboot the phone and, all stayed the same (lost application pages). Anyone have any ideas what caused this?
    06-10-2016 09:14 AM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar

    MM caused it, you can try Wiping the Cache Partition in Recovery, see if that helps....But more than likely, Factory Reset will need to be done. I always do FFR after every update,including security updates, but that's just me.

    06-10-2016 11:26 AM

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