1. MrMELTDOWN's Avatar
    I was surprised to get update notices on our Note 4's this morning. My wife updated this morning and I did mine just a few minutes ago. So far everything seems great. The phone seems not to have as much lag and I like the different and more distinct click sound of my keyboard (just noticed that). I don't like the new folders on my homescreen. They look like what the iphone has. I'm hoping there is an option to go back to the original folders. My wife says her battery performance is much better.
    ETA: Still no support for manual camera apps, specifically RAW, manual white balance, shutter priority and exposure compensation. This is the biggest thing that sucks about the Note 4. These things are I believe, supported with the Note 5.
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    06-28-2016 08:56 PM
  2. jericho.ar's Avatar
    Yeah we got it also. Yesterday morning. I was totally surprised. Also not like the new folders.
    06-29-2016 12:03 PM
  3. Tripod86's Avatar
    I received mine also. I like it but my Bluetooth connection to my car is sporadic. Anybody else have this problem?
    07-20-2016 04:57 PM

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