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    Note4: Besides having the default android Gallery, I've loaded the google Photos app. On my windows machine I go to photos.google.com and sort, delete and edit photos. That is where I am keeping all the photos.

    When I look at the Gallery app on the phone I see that some photos have the google photos icon in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail view. Plus I am noticing that I have a lot, but not all redundant second copies in the Gallery. I don't want to see two of the same images. I haven't figure out what's going on and what the icon means? I spend more time in the Photos app than the Gallery, but I am curious what that icon is saying. (I do go to the Gallery app if I want to do certain types of editing like "Write on image" that can't be done in the google Photos app).
    07-08-2016 09:19 PM

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