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    Hey guys,

    So 3 days ago, I moved my DCIM folder to my SD card. When I went to go look through the images and videos, a lot of the files were corrupted. I moved the whole file back to my internal storage,so now there's nothing on the SD card except for the LOST.dir folder. I've tried renaming the extensions of the files in that folder but it still gives the same picture I've posted below.
    I've googled a ton of software to recover or repair this, but all need access to my phone as a USB MASS storage device, and it can't do that. Without the mass storage function,none of the software are able to pick up my phone or SD card.

    Is there any way around this? I'm really desperate. These were pictured of my deceased daughter and now they all look like this,

    How to fix/recover corrupted videos and images?-screenshot_2016-08-06-21-24-26-1-.jpg

    Also, I'm really not the tech savvy type, so if there is a way, please explain it in the most simplest terms as possible.
    08-06-2016 03:37 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Here is a good thread to read through regarding the USB mass storage: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...-note-4-a.html

    What you'll need to do is install the right drivers to get the computer to read the device. From there you should be able to try those restore programs and see if the images can be saved.
    08-06-2016 04:04 PM

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