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    Hello All,

    I wonder if someone can help me with an issue I have with a Samsung Note 4.

    About a month ago, I left the phone on charge and came back to it an hour later. There was a message on the screen which said the phone had stopped charging to prevent it overheating. I disconnected the phone and continued using it thinking nothing of the overheating message. I could use the phone perfectly fine and there were no issues using it. However, when the battery was low, I put it back on the charger and I assumed the charger had stopped working as the phone would not charge. I telephoned Samsung and they sent a replacement charger out straight away. I received this a day or so later and again tried to charge the phone, again it would not work. I telephoned Samsung who suggested that I take the phone into a repair centre but advised me to save and back up my contacts, data; etc; etc.

    I could not back up and save my files as the battery was not charged, about two weeks later, I asked someone I know to charge my battery in their phone to enable me to transfer my contacts and files onto a microSD card. When I was in the process of taking the battery out, I noticed that the back cover of the phone had melted slightly and on closer inspection of the USB cable the plastic had melted as well. The Micro USB connector on the cable had a collection of soot on it.

    I immediately telephoned Samsung who advised me to return the phone to them to investigate the issue. Little did I know or made aware that the phone was going to Anovo! The long and the short of it is, Anovo have stated that the overheating problem was caused by dust and "liquid" residue and the damage was therefore not covered by warranty. I have been advised of the following "The engineer has concluded that the dirt/dust and liquid residue inside the USB connector and cable caused a short circuit resulting in heat and burns to the device and cable. In situations where evidence of liquid ingress and/or physical damage is found, this invalidates the terms and conditions of the Samsung Warranty supplied with the unit as this is not a manufacturing/component failure. The engineer has noted the unit is repairable"

    I really cannot believe this and asked for the report and was advised that this was not available but they could send me a picture which I have attached.

    My question is I cannot ask a reputable independent company to compile a report for me stating the unit was not damaged due to “liquid ingress” because as soon as they open the unit up, this invalidates the warranty even if they find no “liquid ingress” within the charging port/unit.

    How can I deal with this? Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

    EDIT: I should add that the water damage indicator under the battery is still totally white and has not changed colour to show water/moisture damage.
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    08-18-2016 10:50 AM
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    Unfortunately there isnt much you can do to fight it. If your willing to throw a lot of money at it there are legal ways but in the long run its cheaper to buy a new phone. If sammy wants to treat a customer like this might be time to buy another brand.
    I might try a google search to see if this has happened to other Note 4 users.
    08-18-2016 03:45 PM

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