1. bootsandsox's Avatar
    Ok, first time poster, so I hope I can explain this all the right way.

    So I bought an ATT branded note4 outright, refurbished and unlocked so I could use it here in Australia.
    It was working fine for about 8mths and until last month started to drop all signal and reboot, but when it would reboot it would still show no signal
    and reboot again after about 2 minutes.
    This process would take at times an hour or two to come right and return to normal with full signal. (This would happen daily)
    While it was in this rebooting loop it would seem hotter in the top half of the screen, thinking it was a battery issue I bought another battery
    and also tried my partners battery but was having the same issues regardless.
    Thinking it might have been the firmware, I updated to the ATT 5.1.1 ROM, but now that 2minute window that I had before is now taken up by "Optimizing app # of 23"
    and it gets to between app# 12/18 and then freezes and reboots into this crappy bootloop.
    I have tried safe mode/recovery mode/removed sd card/factory reset/clear cahe.. EVERY combination you could think of,
    but one thing I have noticed is that when in recovery mode it doesn't turn off after a couple of minutes, I can leave it on that menu for 20 minutes and it wont have an issue.

    I've been told it could be anything from the motherboard packing it in, to a "virus"(?), to a corrupted EFS file.

    Does anybody here have any clue or could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance
    09-23-2016 08:00 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.

    I am not sure what this is, but I'm pretty sure it isn't a virus. Have you tried a reset?
    09-23-2016 09:06 AM
  3. bootsandsox's Avatar
    I have, yes.
    09-23-2016 04:46 PM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    This may be hardware related. I would ask HTC if it is a possibility.
    09-23-2016 04:58 PM

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