1. JnEricsonx's Avatar
    I just ordered a Note 4 and a Otterbox case, cause, hey, I'm paranoid. Just wondering if I get a wireless charging back, I imagine it won't work through a Otterbox?
    09-24-2016 12:09 AM
  2. ratsttam's Avatar
    I wireless charge my Note 5 through a fairly thick Seidio case. Some chargers have a hard time with the thickness of it though, others are just fine. Your results may vary.

    That said, My girlfriend has a note 4 with a charging back on it, and it's hit or miss if it'll charge even with just a thin bumper/back style case.
    09-24-2016 01:47 AM
  3. aximtreo's Avatar
    On my Note 4 with Otterbox Defender, yes.
    09-24-2016 09:09 AM
  4. JnEricsonx's Avatar
    Really. So, what wireless charging back do you have? I don't know much about this tech so I figure I'd check.
    09-24-2016 09:51 PM

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