1. ilgal's Avatar
    I have a 2-year old Verizon Note 4 that I've had since new, and still love. My question is about backed up contacts.

    Some of my contacts have multiple "connected via" symbols. One of my cousins, for example, shows it backed up 3 times to (the phone??), twice to Google, and twice to Verizon cloud. As I'm frequently getting notices that my V-Cloud is full, I'm wondering how much space I could free up if I could delete all the duplicates. Cleaning up contacts-screenshot_2016-10-14-20-32-58-1.jpg

    2 questions related to this:

    1) How/where can I view all of the contacts that are backed up to the various sources?
    2) My phone is linked to my work email, and it synced all of my (work) Gmail contacts - which includes all the students in the college where I teach. How can I delete all of those, without deleting my personal contacts?
    10-14-2016 08:40 PM
  2. dant1127's Avatar
    You canngo to contact settings and view by source (email, gmail, cloud, etc.). But it sounds like you may benefit from going to your account settings for your work email and unchecking Contacts under Sync. After that, you can download a merging app if you so choose to get rid of duplicates and condense to 1 account. I would highly recommend using Gmail, as Verizon Cloud can be quite destructive when it isn't working properly (I'm not a big fan...)
    10-18-2016 07:39 AM

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