1. MidnightStar's Avatar
    Ok... I just got a Windows (10) notification in the action message side panel on my computer telling me my Note 4 battery was almost dead...
    This has never happened before... The phone was not even plugged into the computer.... Its a desktop and has no bluetooth or wifi... How and the hell did it do that!!!
    11-04-2016 12:37 AM
  2. ratsttam's Avatar
    Do you have Cortana installed on your phone? It syncs messages across the internet, such as missed calls, or low battery status.
    11-04-2016 05:10 AM
  3. MidnightStar's Avatar
    Holy cow.... yep... just installed it last week.. Thanks!!! It freaked me out because I couldn't figure out how it could know that without being connected to computer and it hadn't done it in the 3 years I have had the phone
    11-04-2016 06:22 PM

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