1. bhomass's Avatar
    when I text using the hangout app, I would just hit the letter keys, quite often the app responds with the number which is in small print just below the letter label on the key. I don't want to activate that number key. How do I prevent this from happening?
    01-05-2017 06:27 PM
  2. natehoy's Avatar
    If you hold your finger down on the key for any length of time, it will use the "alternate" key. It's usually a half second or more, though. Which keyboard are you using? The default Samsung one?
    01-05-2017 07:18 PM
  3. bhomass's Avatar
    yes default keyboard. I text very fast, no slowing down at any point. so it doesn't seem likely the delay is the cause. The only pattern I noticed is this seems to happen when I use my left finger to type the prev letter, then switch to right finger to type a letter like i, and end up with 8.

    I also notice that when pressing a key for a longer period, a screen pops up with alternative values. I do not see this during the time when I got the inadvertent numbers.
    01-05-2017 10:16 PM
  4. natehoy's Avatar
    I wonder if it is somehow detecting the two keypresses as a combined one. I just switched back to the Samsung keyboard and I couldn't make that happen, but I also have the line of numbers activated on my keyboard so perhaps that changes some functionality.

    Possibly try another keyboard and see if that is giving you the same issues? If it is, then it could be a sensor issue rather than a software issue.
    01-06-2017 08:02 AM
  5. bhomass's Avatar
    line of numbers activated? how do I do that?
    01-06-2017 05:31 PM

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