1. Andre de Guerin's Avatar
    Hi, a lot of these cards are showing up used because of the Note 7 demise.
    As they are (in theory) Samsung certified there should be no issue with them working in the 4.
    Has anyone else run into issues doing this, as mine wouldn't work with a 128GB until it was
    reformatted using FAT32Format then the phone "woke up" and formatted the card fine.

    I know there are issues with 256GB cards but some 200 SDSQUAN seem to work if they were not so expensive.
    Have the ability to run extensive tests so if someone wants to "donate" their spare card let me know :-)

    A useful tip if a card does not work is to run Winhex (tm) one pass zero nuke&pave on it before condemning it.
    I rescued a handful of them this way and snagged 3 32GB used "faulty" cards for £5 with 1 hour work.
    01-30-2017 01:42 AM

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