1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello , my Note 4 started showing some trouble charging when connecting the charger, but today it stopped charging altogether . Everything works, i tried using another fully charged battery , and tried using using the cable on another phone. Now when I connect the charger , the Note 4 gray battery icon appears for a second or two then the screen goes dark again without showing the green charging battery icon...

    what could be the problem ?

    Thank you in advance for your precious help !
    03-10-2017 08:18 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It might be the microUSB port. First, make sure it's clear of any debris -- use a can of compressed air to blow it out, and a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts. If the problem persists, you may have to bring it to a repair shop to replace the port.
    03-10-2017 11:49 AM

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