1. Dankees's Avatar
    I've had my phone since the day it was released. I baby it.

    Recently, it's been locking up, freezing, restarting, won't turn on unless the battery is pulled, etc.

    I did two hard resets and it's still happening.


    Please give me suggestions to fix my phone. Please!
    03-22-2017 11:11 PM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    I'd try a factory reset, to eliminate the software factor.

    If it fails to solve the issue, you definitely should get it checked.
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    03-23-2017 06:43 AM
  3. Dankees's Avatar

    03-23-2017 06:47 AM
  4. KeepItReal's Avatar
    You may try another battery. You can order one from Amazon fairly reasonable. Also, unmount your SD Card, as it may be corrupted. When I perform a Factory Reset, I use the "powered off" method for all phones. I also don't restore my information from Google during the setup prompts. This way I am not bringing something back that may be causing a problem. Please backup everything!


    If, after replacing battery, unmounting/removing the SD Card, and then the "powered off" Factory Reset and the phone still has issues, hopefully you have insurance, and can get a replacement.
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    03-23-2017 07:10 AM
  5. armin80's Avatar
    Remove SD card
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    03-26-2017 03:27 PM
  6. Dankees's Avatar
    The SD Card could have gone bad?

    Does it need to be replaced? Or, remove it and just put it back in? Remove it and start the phone without it in and then put it back in and restart?
    03-26-2017 03:31 PM
  7. al3azim's Avatar
    I do not believe it is the SD card. This seems to be a common problem with the NOTE 4 suffering from MMC failure after almost crossing the 2 year mark. I am experiencing the same issue myself with mine and nothing will really fix this other than replacing the motherboard. A temporary fix is an app called wakelock from the play store. This will help with the freezing and rebooting but of course it does not repair the issue but is also will darin the battery a bit quicker as it leaves the CPU on in the background. This is the only fix that has worked for me and others suffering from this issue. Here is a link to the app and you can read from the reviews and comments about other experiencing the same issues you are - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...u.thedarken.wl
    03-27-2017 11:30 AM
  8. Rowlette's Avatar
    I guess you are enforcing next move to a Pixel XL, my experience and fanboy for Samsung phones has been dwindling to a point that enough is enough.
    03-27-2017 11:54 AM
  9. frellingfrakker's Avatar
    Mine was doing some of the same things. I bought a replacement battery a couple of weeks ago and no issues since then.
    03-27-2017 02:39 PM

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