1. daehttub01's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone has a good source for REAL Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries? All the ones on Amazon.com appear to be clever fakes if you screen out the fake reviews, especially the $9.99 ones LOL. Ankers have the best clone batteries but they do not come close to the original battery life. Samsung.com is out of stock ($29.99) and they were my source of kick butt original batteries with twice the life of the various clone batteries I had purchased. Samsung customer service pointed me to samsungparts.com and it cost me a total of $63 with shipping to get one from these pirates. Given the iPhone'd Samsungs of late (no replaceable batteries) I fear I will be using my Note 4 for quite a bit longer. One would have thought that the Note 7 battery fiasco would have brought Samsung back to their sensible and rugged replaceable batteries...
    04-05-2017 10:21 PM
  2. dansouza's Avatar
    I don't know where you live, but there is a Radio Shack (yes, there's still some) inside of the Gateway Travel Plaza in Breezewood, PA. Maybe if you call them, they might take an order over the phone. I bought one there a couple of months ago.
    04-05-2017 10:31 PM
  3. anon(634141)'s Avatar
    Verizon has them (link below). It may say back ordered but the two I recently ordered shipped the following day. They are genuine OEM that also come with the plastic carry case.

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    04-07-2017 12:57 PM
  4. natehoy's Avatar
    I've been very happy with my Anker replacement batteries - lasted every bit as long as my original battery did. I also hear good things about PowerBear.

    If you are looking for "genuine" as in something with the actual Samsung logo, the only way to be 100% sure is to buy from a carrier (if they still carry them) or Samsung. And they are pricey, unfortunately. Sammy doesn't give away its logo.
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    04-10-2017 08:10 AM
  5. daehttub01's Avatar
    Thanks for all the leads. The pricey Samsungparts.com was legit but did not have the nifty plastic case. Anker customer service is great but even they admitted they do not match the original samsung batteries. I am really worried that we may never see a replaceable battery Note again.
    04-10-2017 09:22 PM
  6. natehoy's Avatar
    Anker customer service is great but even they admitted they do not match the original samsung batteries.
    Hmm, interesting. Are they talking performance or appearance?
    My Anker replacements work just as well as the original (and the Samsung first replacement I purchased) ever did. They have both lasted longer than Samsung-branded cells and are still holding up relatively well, though certainly have both lost some capacity.
    I'm very, VERY hard on my phone. I use it all day long for work and then in the evening for entertainment. I go through a battery about every six months (or in the case of a phone with a sealed battery, I go through a PHONE about every six months - LOL).
    04-11-2017 08:34 AM

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