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    Recently bought used Note 4 (Exynos version). It was bought with a screen issue- once screen timed out it would not come back on without pulling battery. Phone worked just screen black. Anyway I managed to resolve this issue by a full factory reset followed by two ota updates. Now I discovered that the screen does not rotate and some of the sensors don't work. Fingerprint scanner is OK but gyro, proximity, heart rate, oxygen etc don't work. I did a sensor hub self test (*#0*#) and it failed. I noticed that mcu fare version is BR010 and bin fare version is BR0115102300. On my Note 3 these have the same values (both values are same not different). Tried to update sensor firmware (*#2663#) but update option not available. Could this be a software issue rather than a hardware issue?? Possibly related to MM update? The phone is usable but without sensors it's far less useful. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated- just spent 3 days trying to fix the problem.
    05-05-2017 02:20 AM

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